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blacklisted casinos online NZBlacklisted casinos are dangerous gambling sites that you need to stay away from. Otherwise, you’re in for a loss of your hard-earned money. The internet is awash with thousands of gambling websites, and not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. Fortunately, for our readers, we’ve already done thorough research for good as well as blacklisted casino sites.

In this guide, our experts take you through everything you need to know about a safe gambling environment. Here you will find tips on how to spot rogue casinos and find a list of blacklisted casinos online that you need to avoid. We also recommend trusted, reliable casino sites in New Zealand that you can safely place your wagers and get your real money winnings without delay or being crooked. Read on to start learning more about blacklisted casinos. Don’t be a victim!


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Blacklisted casino sites are untrustworthy gambling sites. They get listed on the casino blacklist because customers have lodged complaints about how they were mistreated or stolen from at these casinos, with proof. CasinosNZ strongly advises Kiwi players not to play at blacklisted casino sites as they do not uphold their promises and are not credible as they claim to be.


If you’ve been wondering how a casino blacklist works, then we’ve got you sorted in this section. You can’t tell if a casino is legit or not by just looking at it. Blacklisted casinos are built the same way as reputable ones. Here are some of the reasons why casinos get blacklisted:

Untruthful Bonuses

Blacklisted casinos use unusual offers to hook customers. And, most New Zealand players fall victim to these casinos because they look at the big bonuses and rewards promised by the casino. Some NZ scam casinos do not even offer these bonuses at all. Hence, they get blacklisted for false advertising.

Manipulated Games

Some online casinos alter their games to rip off customers. In general, all games whether at brick-and-mortar casinos or casinos online should be fair to play. Online casino games should not be tampered with to give players less advantage of winning.

Delayed Payouts or No Payment

Luckily some players do end up getting their winnings at blacklisted online casinos. Unfortunately,  for some players that is not the case. It happens that the casino won’t pay a player their winnings for whatever reason. Other casinos use excuses such as the player cheated or that they do not fulfil the terms of the offer. Blacklisted casinos also do such to their marketing partners. So if they won’t pay them, for how long do you think you will have to wait for a payout?

Changing T&Cs

That’s right. There are gambling sites which continuously change their terms and conditions. Most casinos do this to back their argument, given a situation where they are in dispute with a player and want to prove the player wrong. A very sneaky move if you ask.

No Licencing

Some online casinos lie about having an operating licence. If they can lie about such a thing, how can you trust them on anything? It is mandatory that a casino is licensed and regulated by gambling authorities. This way, it also builds trust with players.


Below we have listed some rogue casinos which have received a lot of complaints and unhappy reviews from players. Also, we have included the major problems that were said about the casinos.

Blacklisted online casinos in New Zealand
  • Kiwi Poker – No payments
  • Kiwi Bingo – No payments
  • Absolute Poker – Altered games
  • 21 Dukes Casino – Payout problems
  • Atlantic Vegas Casino – False advertising, not licenced
  • Belle-Vegas Online – Junk emails
  • 7 Regal Casino – Questionable practices
  • Gold Gate Casino – No payments
  • Vegas 24 – No licence, odd wagering requirements
  • Palace of Chance – Big bonus tricks


Not all blacklisted casinos remain on the black book forever. Some blacklisted casinos do make it back to the whitelist when there is a change in ownership and or clarity of rules. However, this happens once in a while; sometimes it takes years even to happen.


Blacklisted casinos are a real thing. So, before you can sign up with a casino online, it is essential that you check their legitimacy. There are quite several shady casinos online, and we’d hate to see you fall victim. If you are not sure where to look for reputable casinos, you can start with our list of most trusted casinos above. Also, you can read their reviews for quality checks here. Play safe!

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