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Best Craps Tips for Beginners

tips for playing craps Essentially, craps tips are there to increase your odds of winning. There are bets we recommend for you to make as opposed to others. The roll of the dice carries your fate, which makes it more exciting to play. We all want to be better at craps, but what exactly do you need to do?

In this guide, we give you the best tips for playing online craps. Once you have the craps game strategy at the back of your mind, you can play at top-rated casino sites.

Where to Play Craps


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Top 10 Craps Tips and Tricks

1.     Manage Your Money

You may be eager to play the casino game instantly, but have you saved up enough money? It’s a big mistake to think that you can sign up at an online casino and play using your personal cash. This is dangerous because you can end up spending more than you wanted.

Yes, it’s possible to get carried away by the excitement. So, rather save money for gambling on craps and manage it well.  You can easily win and lose money in a flash, so bear that in mind.

2.     Best Bets with Low House Edge

Now that you have your bankroll ready, it’s time to place some bets! When we talk about Come/Don’t Come, Pass/Don’t Pass bets craps has the best house edge. The house advantage for such bets is as low as 1.35% but they don’t payout well.

3.     Go with the Odds Bets

Odds bets don’t have a house edge. That means you should place this type of craps bet when the opportunity presents itself.

4.     Ignore Big 6 and 8 Big Bets

The house edge for craps big 6 and 8 is 9%, which is large. It also means that you are not going to be winning so much. The payout for this bet is not great either, so it would be ideal to avoid it.

5.     Don’t Make the Proposition Bet

The proposition bet has a high house advantage of 13.98%. Don’t place prop bets that rely on the next roll. This bet may add excitement to the game, but you’ll end up losing.

top craps tips

6.     Free Craps Game

When you have the chance to play craps free, go for it. This will give you the time to practice before you bet for real money. Most gambling sites have both options.

7.     Take Advantage of the Bonuses

Gambling sites always have bonuses for games, and craps is no different.  We suggest that you take advantage of the bonuses when you play online because it’s worthwhile. A good casino bonus can go a long way in a game of craps.

8.     Know When to Stop

As always, we encourage safe online gambling. It is your responsibility to know when to take a break from playing the game. You’ll know you have a problem when you can’t stop.

9.     Sign Up at a Reliable Casino

Regulated casinos allow you to sign up on their sites without any doggy conditions. The website usually has a privacy policy and other sections to ensure that you understand how it operates. So, you can register at our trusted casinos to play craps and any time.

10.Enjoy Playing Craps

At the end of the day, the point of gambling is to have a good time. Play craps for enjoyment without thinking about money. We are not saying that you don’t need a game plan but don’t take your losses seriously. Also, winning tastes sweet when you have the time of your life.