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Pokies Rules New ZealandPokies rules are quite easy to learn. This is because slot machines themselves are not as complex as other casino games. However, this does not mean that you should just start playing without understanding the rules for pokies. That’s why our pokies experts have compiled this quick pokies rules guide for your convenience.

Here we provide you with the basic rules for pokies games and the best internet casinos to play at in New Zealand. We also help you understand why it’s paramount to familiarise yourself with the rules. Read on to start playing pokies successfully and win big today!


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Pokies are some of the most popular casino games in New Zealand. You will find the slot machine at pubs, clubs, traditional casinos and also at the best NZ casinos on the web. Whether it’s a stand-alone one arm-bandit or slots that you can play online, the rules don’t differ as much. The only difference would be that with stand-alone machines you physically insert coins, whereas online you can play with free credits or deposit money into your casino account to play for real money. What’s also great about web pokies is that you get exclusive bonuses and free spins to play. The game variety, themes and payouts are also a big draw.

Basic rules for pokies NZ

Below are just some quick basic rules on internet pokies:

  • Players deposit money onto their casino account to play, alternatively, you can use free credits or bonuses.
  • Your stake determines your potential return; low-stake pokies start from as little as NZ$0.01, meanwhile, high-stake pokies start from NZ$100. Obviously, the bigger the stake the bigger the payout. It’s also important to keep in mind the RTP percentage of the pokie you choose to play.
  • Usually, the max payline triggers the biggest jackpot.
  • Wild symbols increase your chances of winning as they substitute all other symbols on the reels except the scatter.
  • Scatters are effective regardless of where on the reels they land. These symbols also trigger free spins in most pokies games.
  • Multipliers, as the name may already suggest, multiplies your winnings by a numerical factor. It could be 2x, 5x, 100x or even more.
  • The amount in jackpot pokies keeps increasing until the jackpot is one. Once this happens, it starts over.
  • You win if you land the right combination on the reels.


Understanding the rules of any game you wish to play is very important, no matter how simple the game may seem. More so, as a beginner player, it’s also important to go through other guides to learn how the game works, how they are played, their features and so forth. The rules for pokies on the web and traditional slot machines don’t vary much as they have similar symbols and options on screen.

It’s also important to note that at traditional casinos, pokies games are not often updated. Whereas online, games get released very often and with huge gaming libraries, you’re sure to find games that are best suited for you.

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